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Hello! I am Lauren, creator of Sick Dye. I'm kind of a goofball who communicates mostly in emojis, so writing without them will be a challenge.

Sick Dye started as a pandemic hobby, but as soon as I realized there was a route to doing this full-time, I was obsessed. And I still am.

It began when I dyed some pillows and a little merch for Bastion, the bar & restaurant in Nashville my husband owns and where I had been working. I started thrifting and buying some overstock goods and had my first pop up. I got a big booth at Pilgrimage Fest, and had an awesome experience, learning so much about what people wanted to buy. Other local businesses started asking me to make merch for them. I have been blown away by the cool places that want to work with me!

My goal of staying busy making tie dye was met, and I dedicated myself to it full time this year, in January of 2022. I have a studio space in The Hill, alongside many other killer Nashville makers. I worked with an awesome business strategist at Ellevated Outcomes, to make sure I structured things right as I became my own boss.

I respect tie dye as an art, a craft, a combo of abstract painting and art therapy and fiber art. I see that it has a place in the American story, and it feels important enough to be studied, practiced and continued. I never get bored of researching color combinations in nature via insects, coral reefs, plants, planets and flowers. It is also just a good damn time, listening to music, getting a little messy and daydreaming about who might wear each piece as I make it.

When it comes to clothing, I like softness, and quality, and in relaunching sickdye.com I have a new emphasis on both. I am buying my favorite brands such as Los Angeles Apparel, Comfort Colors, Independent Trading and Dharma Trading. I'm using natural fabrics that work perfectly with fiber reactive dyes, such as cotton, rayon, and hemp. The process of dying the clothing requires additional washes and drying that softens them even more.

I want your Sick Dye pieces to be your favorite things. When you go on a trip, I want you to have them in your suitcase because you can't go a week without them. I want you to buy presents for your loved ones and matching outfits with your very best friends. 

I'll write more about me, my history, my plans for Sick Dye and the life of a small business person as we go along. But for now, thank you for visiting the shop and being a part of the story! I hope you find something you love.

xoxo, Lauren

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