New collaboration: Sick Dye X SOUND mind + body

New collaboration: Sick Dye X SOUND mind + body

My newest collaboration is with Ann Sensing of SOUND mind + body. This new studio in East Nashville serves as a space to conduct private and public sound baths using her incredible array of intuitive instruments. 

A sound bath is something I have been wanting to experience since learning about the Integratron in Joshua Tree, CA. It’s a trippy looking building made by George Van Tassel who claimed that the structure is based on telepathic directions from extraterrestrials. The all wood dome was designed “to be an electrostatic generator for the purpose of rejuvenation and time travel.” So yeah, thats freaking exciting. But nowadays its used for healing sound baths in the desert!

Since connecting to discuss merch for her new spot, I was thrilled to have an excuse to book a private sound bath and crystal grid meditation when my magical niece Syd visited. It was nothing short of epic. Ann played a soundscape both righteous and transcendent to amplify and seal the intentions we set together after we pulled vision cards and built a beautiful grid. Her crystal bowls and tuning forks are so resonant you can hear and feel the sound waves throughout your body as you lay on a luxurious cushioned mat with bolsters and blankets. Every cell in my body was activated, as I envisioned myself traveling through our grid. I left feeling refreshed and enlightened. I went home and set myself a new grid to enjoy daily and meditated on my epiphanies for another hour holding citrine in one hand for positive energy and labradorite in the other for absorbing and transforming doubt.

Syd and I chose to BYOC some of the elements on our grid using pieces from our shopping trips to local luminaries The Southern Crystal Company and Sapphire & Sage

I loved making the merch pieces. Its a win/win way to collaborate with incredible local businesses and a way for people to show their support when they’re out in the community. I rarely do pop ups and festivals, so its also nice for people who like to touch and feel things.

Ann picked out a great array of pieces: super soft tees by Comfort Colors, fleece sweats and hoodies by Independent and luxurious chunky scrunch socks. Everything is in coordinating colorways of lapis, turquoise, rose quartz, and ocean colors. The tees are done using an ice dying technique that looks like precious stones and the sweats are like soft watercolor galaxies. I can’t wait for people to get their hands on them after an immersive experience at SOUND mind + body.

Ann showcases her beautiful crystal bowls and educates people on how to be a practitioner of sound in the space as well. Also sharing the house on Gallatin will be esthetician and fellow sound practitioner Sarah Huffman and reflexology practitioner Anne Putnam, both of whom I am super excited to experience working with.

(the instas: @s_o_u_n_d__, @sarah.huffman.sound, @essentialreflexology)

The next public sound bath will be a Tea & Sound 9/29 at 10am.

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